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Ukrainian company Magma Industry llc. was established in 2008. Within quite a short period, the fiber producing and basalt product based on high technologies of induction melting of basalt plant has been built in Kostopil (Rivne oblast)




Technical thermal insulation

We produce basalt (mineral glass) wool which is the material for technical insulations, made without adding any coupling agents, so we make environmentally clean thermal insulation. The material is fire-safe, fireproof and totally non-flammable. Technical flexible insulation of our basalt products gives an opportunity to save financial resources through reduction of heat loss.

Basalt microfiber

Microfiber is effective micro-reinforcing filler that can be used for the materials with improved efficiency. Microfiber is produced on the basis of milled super thin basalt fibers.




of application



low thermal conductivity (0,036-0,045 W/m*K)

environmental friendliness

flexibility at temperatures from -259°C to +900°C

high level soundproofing

chatter stability


longevity (up to 50 years use)

resistance to aggressive environments

not accumulate radiation


High level of reinforcement

Low electrical conductivity

Mechanical tensile, compressive, flexural, impact strength

Chemical and abrasion resistance

Wear resistance

Thermal resistance

Transparent to electromagnetic waves

Amorphous structure

Possibility of grinding and polishing

Environmentally friendly


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Corporate values

For our company, it is crucial to show the effectiveness in all areas of the enterprise: from the selection of raw materials and preparation of the melt, and ending with the delivery of the finished product to the consumer.

Magma Industry, LLC. cares about the safety of their employees at the plant, introducing more and more new advanced technologies that allow us to work with the basalt safer.

Our company is an environmentally friendly company by reason of the use of new induction melting technology.

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No complaints about the quality.Thermal insulation have been installed 3 years ago.