Insulation products are used for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. All the products are of high quality, and Microfiber hardly has any analogues in the market.

Using our products made of 100% super thin and thin basalt fiber (STBF and TBF), you are able to improve energy efficiency, to ensure the realization of technological processes with the given parameters, to provide a safe system of work, to reduce the loss of volatile petroleum in tanks, to store liquefied gases in insulated storages, to cultivate glass culture in an efficient and environmentally friendly substitutes soil (mineral wool substrate).

MagmaInsulation and MagmaAdditive products are made by Magma Industry llc. in Kostopil (Rivne oblast) on the basis of environmentally friendly Janowa Dolina and Berestovets basalt fields. For the melting of basalt charge, we use the most environmentally friendly induction method, which means basalt melting in an electromagnetic field. Furnace temperature is more than 2500°C, which rapidly leads to complete evaporation of all volatile components. During the melting process we do not use any additives to the basalt charge such as dolomite, limestone and steel slag, which facilitate melting, but significantly degrade the quality of the final product. We also do not use coke and natural gas. Therefore, our production does not pollute the environment and the finished product by the combustion products of the coke and gas. MagmaIndustry products have high chemical resistance and do not dissolve in water.

The resulting clean basalt smelt is blown by a supersonic air flow to the fibers 1-2 microns thick. This super thin fiber has thermal insulation properties which are 1.5-2 times better than normal fiber. Besides, super thin basalt fiber can be held in a canvas by intermolecular forces, which allows rejecting the use of bonding agents and synthetic resins.

That is the reason why the MagmaIndustry products, manufactured without phenol-formaldehyde resins, are the best choice for the thermal insulation works in premises: residential lofts, soundproofing of interior and intra walls, saunas, frame houses, fire protection systems. The reality is that in this case the service life of super thin basalt fiber (STBF) products coincides with the average time of buildings operation which is between 50 and 70 years. In addition to this, super thin basalt fiber is a unique heat insulation technology, which is widely used in the power industry, chemical industry, machine building, aviation and shipbuilding, automobile industry.

High environmental standards of the production allow to use the MagmaIndustry basalt wool even as artificial soil in greenhouse gardening.


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Division of Magma Industry llc., which is engaged in the production and sales of insulating basalt products

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