Basalt reinforcement

Magma Industry is engaged in the development and industrial production of basalt reinforcing fillers. Our products are applicable in a variety of ways ranging from the creation of wear-resistant industrial floors and paints on the basis of Microfiber finishing reinforced brake systems with basalt wool granulate Basgran.

Our products

Reinforcing materials MagmaAdditive

Microfiber MagmaAdditive
Basalt fibers (diameter: 1-3 microns) for the reinforcement of 3D-composites. Microfiber can increase the strength and durability of almost any material.
Basgran MagmaAdditive
Basalt flocks (granules) Basgran developed by our company as a filler for braking systems. Basgran positively affect such important parameters as the brakes to enhance resistance at high temperatures and reduces wear.
Anticorrosion coating system
An innovative three-layer anticorrosion coating system for heavy-duty (C3 - C5 ISO 12 944-2). Basalt microfiber modified by zirconium silicide is used.
Microfiber-Zr MagmaAdditive
The glass and glass-fiber materials based on basalt modified by zirconium dioxide are obtained with the help of induction melting method. The study of the interaction obtained fibers with acid and alkaline environments indicate much higher chemical stability of modified fibers, compared with the original basalt.
Wear-resistant flooring
Polymer basaltic composition to create a wear-resistant industrial and decorative flooring. Contain 80% basalt and 20% microfiber organic resins. Depending on the application, can be made on the basis of epoxy rubber, epoxy, polyurethane or polyurethane matrices. Such compositions are very effective in the repair of concrete structures, water engineering and waterproofing operations.
Fan blade for a wind tunnel
Fan blade for a wind tunnel made from epoxy rubber resin reinforced by basalt microfiber. Can be used additional surface reinforcement laying out several layers of basalt fabric. Variant without using basalt fabric may be produced economically by injection molding.


Of application reinforced fillers MagmaAdditive

  • High level of reinforcement
  • Mechanical tensile, compressive, flexural, impact strength
  • Transparent to electromagnetic waves
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Chemical and abrasion, wear resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Thermal resistance
  • Possibility of grinding and polishing
  • Amorphous structure