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Basalt flocks (granules) for the reinforcement of brake systems

MagmaAdditive Basgran is mineral flockes (granules) of STBF with average diameter of fibers on the level of 1-3 microns and an average fiber length of the fibers in the flock on the level 15-40 mm. The product is used as a reinforcement filler in a variety of systems ranging from braking systems ending with dry construction mixes. We have the ability to produce flocks of different factions.

Typical average fibre diameter


Chemical analysis

SiO2 45%  55%
Al2O3 14%  17%
CaO+MgO 23%  28%
FeO 6%  11%
K2O+Na2O   5%
Other   6%

Advantages of application MagmaAdditive Basgran:

  • Chemical composition - thermal properties
  • Focksize distribution - bulk and drainage properties
  • Various factions - Opportunity to be used in different systems
  • Cleaning flocks of foreign elements



Basalt granules MagmaAdditive Basgran


Brake pads

Basgran used as a reinforcing filler in a brake system, in particular brake pads for trains. Universal flocks of superfine basalt fibers are inorganic and heat resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C, making them suitable for use with low and high levels of friction. Basgran in brake pads solves the problem of expansion at high temperatures and reduce the wear of materials. We have the ability to produce flocks of different factions.

Facade plaster

Basalt flocks Magmawool Basgran useful as fillers in plaster facade. In addition to improving many parameters such as thermal and vibration resistance flocks developed by our company has a positive effect on the texture of plaster. The company "Magma Industry" has the ability to implement different ways of processing the fiber surface to improve certain specific indicators, and also has the ability to change the size of fractions flocks themselves.

Heat and fire protection

Basgran widely used for acoustic ceiling tiles produced in the wet felt and vacuum forming components. The fiber provides the mechanical strength and flame retardancy. Granular basalt superthin wool is also used for insulation double wall chimney systems for use with oil and gas fuels and heat insulation formed irregular cavities, which can not be used pre-formed insulation products.