Basalt Microfiber


Basalt reinforcement

частное строительство
The MagmaAdditive Microfiber is reinforcement filler and it is made on the base of mechanically crushed super thin basalt fiber.

Product Description

Microfiber is made by mechanically crushed basalt superthin fiber produced using induction melting charge at about 2200 °C. This allows you to completely destroy the crystal structures of all basalt mineral components. A characteristic feature of which is a completely amorphous structure.

Product Description

Filament diameter range 0,5-3 μm
Average length 60 μm
Bulk density 1,5-2 g/cm3

Microfiber is non-flammable and environmentally friendly material from natural
raw material (basalt). It has low thermal conductivity and is completely transparent to electromagnetic waves. The electrical conductivity of the material is lower than glass, which allows to create high-performance insulating materials f.e. for power generation and microelectronics.

Areas of application

Basalt MagmaAdditive Microfiber

Anticorrosion coating system

An innovative three-layer anticorrosion coating system for heavy-duty (C3 -
C5 ISO 12 944-2). Basalt microfiber modified by zirconium silicide is used.

Wear-resistant flooring

Polymer basaltic composition to create a wear-resistant industrial and decorative flooring. Contain 80% basalt and 20% microfiber organic resins. Depending on the application, can be made on the basis of epoxy rubber, epoxy, polyurethane or polyurethane matrices. Such compositions are very effective in the repair of concrete structures, water engineering and waterproofing operations.

Fan blade for a wind tunnel

Fan blade for a wind tunnel made from epoxy rubber resin reinforced by basalt microfiber. Can be used additional surface reinforcement laying out several layers of basalt fabric. Variant without using basalt fabric may be produced economically by injection molding.

Separation opportunities

Selection of various fractions and removal of foreign elements


Антикоррозионные покрытия


Average length of microfibers is up to 25 microns

Антикоррозионные покрытия


Average length of microfibers is up to 50 microns

Антикоррозионные покрытия


Average length of microfibers is up to 75 microns

Number of small fraction 0,1-0,5 microns in these materials is reduced
about ten times