Basalt cylinders


Basalt cylinders are made by pouring thin basalt fiber (TBF) by synthetic binder. They are used for heat insulation of pipelines up to +250°C.
Basalt uncoated cylinders are used as the primary insulation layer. There are many different versions of the cover layer for this product. The cover layers have the form of shells and are made of fiberglass, galvanized steel, stainless steel or foil.

Basalt foil cylinders are absolutely ready for installation and do not require any additional protective layer. We recommend to use it in the absence of any mechanical influences.


  • excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing characteristics;
  • non-flammable, fire-resistant, fire-proof;
  • environmentally friendly (does not contain phenol-formaldehyde binder);
  • defies the aging process (service life is more than 50 years);
  • resistance to microorganisms and rodents, do not rot;
  • do not increase diffuse resistance of constructions (excellent water vapor permeability);
  • has a low hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture from the air);
  • excellent mechanical properties (vibration resistance);
  • chemical resistance to oils, acids, alkali;
  • wide temperature range of application.
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Application area:

  • thermal and acoustic insulation of floors, ceilings between the joists;
  • acoustic insulation of lofts, attics, ceilings and intermediate floors;
  • thermal insulation of high-temperature furnaces, pipelines, boilers, water heaters;
  • fire protection of building structures;
  • thermal insulation in shipbuilding, water parks, swimming pools, saunas;
Свойства Параметр Единица измерения
Средний диаметр волокна, не более 8 мкм
Внутренний диаметр цилиндров (внешний изолируемых трубопроводов) от 17 до 273 мм
Толщина изоляционного слоя от 20 до 120 мм
Плотность 100 кг/м3
Коэффициент теплопроводности при (25±5)°С, не более 0,04 Вт/м*К
Граничная температура применения +250 °С
Сжимаемость 3,8 %
Сжимаемость после сорбционного увлажнения 4,5 %
Содержание органического связующего, за массой 3,4 %
Выделение вредных веществ да
Массовая доля влаги, не более 0,3 %


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